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~For Lovers of Fairy Tales~ Providence Pulcher was an ordinary girl from a lower middle class family. But when her father's small bank is put out of business, and her family is evicted from her home, Providence decides it's time to look for work. Unfortunately her father's pride would not support the girl and she decides to run away, promising she'd be home soon one day to help them. Off into the world she goes and she finds herself working for a strange woman who owns a beautiful home in the middle of the woods. But when a beggar woman warns Providence that something's up, she finds out that there's something not quite right about her employer... Rated PG13 for mild violence. Updated Tuesdays!

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What's this?

NEW PAGE Coming Soon!

Hey ya'll,
I've been absolutely swamped at school this quarter so I haven't had time to do much of my own thing, let alone this comic. My mind has also been diverted to a new story idea so I won't be making any more pages for The Witch's Chest. HOWEVER, this comic is NOT DEAD. I have managed to get a new artist. Please welcome Nini-Kins! I'm sorry this has been thrusted upon all of you so suddenly, I've been planning to do this for a while, I'd actually meant to break the news to you when I posted at least one or two new pages, however like I said, I've just been totally swamped at school.
Nini-kins is currently working on a new page so expect it soon! I do hope you'll continue supporting the comic even if the art style has changed so suddenly. Thank you very much everyone! I'm still around, and I'll continue to make art and comics. My new project will be available here:


blaaaahh.... school equal busy equal no update for just a little longer = u.u

And I've got news to tell too, so... be just a little more patient, please?

New Gallery

I've put up a new Gallery section and compiled all of the fillers there as well was two new pictures. There's official art and fanart! <3 Also, I deleted all the fillers in the regular pages so TWC can be read straight through without interruption. Unfortuantly this means all the wonderful comments that went along with them are gone too. :( Ah well, you'll have to make it up to me by commenting on the pages more! XD


Added a Character's Page too! >.<

Summer Haitus

Ah, I'm sorry to fans of The Witch's Chest. I haven't updated lately for... circumstances that I should have been more prepared for.

As school was nearing summer vacation, so were final projects. Then I had to move all my things into storage (I can't very well carry all my things from Georgia to New York can I?) and it took a lot of time. Then of course I'm back in new york without photoshop or a scanner. (Actually a few days ago I found there was a scanner attached to my mother's fax machine.) But without photoshop I can't color or edit my work. I've also been uninspired and lazy.

So until I get back to school there won't be any updates. If there was any speculation that this comic is over, those can be put to rest. I ain't done yet.

YazzyDream's New Website

Hey all,
TaDAAAAA! My new website!

It took some time... and I'm tired... but it's done. And It looks pretty good if I do say so myself... well, it's my first site, so I'll make it even more awesome next time. I did it not only for myself but also for my final for CMPA.

A New Webcomic on Smack

Or more specifically my new webcomic on Smack Jeeves. Haha, yes this is blatant self promotion. But check it out when you get the chance!

Updating Tuesdays*

A minor change, but I've decided to update Tuesdays instead. A lot of my favorite comics update on Sundays and Saturdays leaving the rest of the week pretty much sad for me cuz I have nothing to look forward to. D:

Hopefully some of you look forward to my updates and since Tuesdays are right into the week, it'll give you a little break. ^_^

Unfortunately, no updates this Sunday, but it'll be constant from now on. Thanks!

Little plug:
Punch the Moon is a really funny story of wolf/sheep named Luma, who doesn't know he's the sheep in the family. Literally. Lol. XD Anyway, it's some funny stuff, so check it out.

Updated Sundays

That's right. I'm going to try to update every sunday OR saturday. And since I have a few pages done already, you can be sure It'll run on schedule for the next 4 or five weeks, at least. XD Enjoy!

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