Providence Pulcher
Age: 12
Providence is the only child and daughter of a would be middle class banker and his wife. She was raised in a Victorian-esque setting and was taught to act in a certain manner: To be quiet and courteous-- Which she did exceptionally. When her father started heading through troubled waters, Providence did her best to help her mother around the house, and when he finally went back-rupt, Providence offered to get a job. But this was found unacceptable by her parents.

Always being told how to act, she finds that it's her turn to do what she believes will help. Strong-willed, Providence runs away for the sake of her family. She would do anything to help them, and help anyone else that she could along the way.

Old Beggar Woman
Age: Unknown
This old beggar tries to get people to give her money through pity; making them believe she's a sweet old woman whose lost on her luck. She's unkind and looks out only for herself. And when Providence comes along, who has done nothing but help her-- she only sees someone to be used. Oh, and she can't seem to bother herself to remember Providence's name.

Mr. Jonathan Pulcher
Age: 54
He was a young man who had a lot of potential in business, but he was also kind and naive. His small bank was going pretty well, and when he married a beautiful young woman, who soon gave birth to a pretty little girl-- he counted himself lucky. He cared for his daughter and gave into the whims of his wife. But things started going bad and his bank finally went bankrupt.
When his daughter, Providence, offered to work to help the family, he found this both insulting to himself as the breadwinner, and highly inappropriate for a girl her age. And yet... it was very disheartening. When Providence ran away he was filled with regret, and misses her very much.

Mrs. Silvia Pulcher
Age: 29
Silvia, a pretty and spoiled woman, was born and raised to a wealthy family. At the ripe old age of 18 married a man more than twice her age who, at the time, seemed to have good prospects for the future. Self-centered and self-indulgent, she was pulled hard back to reality when her new family starting hitting hard times. So much so she aged quickly, physically. Still filled with pride, she brought her daughter up to be a quiet and sweet sort of lady that she might marry off some day, and that she might live off of.

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