Hello Hello Hello Smack Jeeves!

Hello Smack Jeeves! Here's my first post!
I'm doing this comic for my school club, "Shoujo Phonebook". It's rather unlikely I'll finish the comic entirely before the deadline (Febuary 19th OMG) so I've made a website for it so I can continue working on it. The first page is in color but the rest is going to be black and white. I hope you enjoy!


Daniel (Guest),

Just moved into town Just moved into town (Farmington) a few weeks ago, and saw you guys today in Fairport. WOW! I had a blast. You guys were great; Crisp, clean, great sound, great vocals, and fansattic guitar. I'm a fan. Thanks for puting on such a great show for such a noble cause! Good Luck, and I hope to see you guys perform again real soon. Fan-f^#*&#g-tastic!!

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