Updating Tuesdays*

A minor change, but I've decided to update Tuesdays instead. A lot of my favorite comics update on Sundays and Saturdays leaving the rest of the week pretty much sad for me cuz I have nothing to look forward to. D:

Hopefully some of you look forward to my updates and since Tuesdays are right into the week, it'll give you a little break. ^_^

Unfortunately, no updates this Sunday, but it'll be constant from now on. Thanks!

Little plug:
Punch the Moon is a really funny story of wolf/sheep named Luma, who doesn't know he's the sheep in the family. Literally. Lol. XD Anyway, it's some funny stuff, so check it out.



Yo! how's about making a little plug my comic "Megaman Pikachu"? Plz buddy :D

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